The Juniors - 150ml Cartocans

100% Fruit Smoothies fun and convenient fruit snacks for tiny people or tiny hinger

This is Froosh

Fruits are fantastical little creations. Round and yellow, bubbly and red, hairy and brown, soft and blue. These strangely odd things come in all different shapes, sizes, colors and textures. Mother Nature must have been in her most creative mood when she came up with the design for them.

The fun-loving fruit innovator.We offer urban busy people a convenient way to get more fruit in their everyday life. Our products are free from concentrate, added sugar and additives.

All products are either only from fruits and vegetables, or accompanied with added benefits like vitamins and minerals. The majority of the ingredients we use for our smoothies are fruit and vegetables that due to cosmetic flaws cannot be sold in stores – but are still full of great taste.

Our small paper can

A delicate small portion of crushed fruit in a super convenient FSC-certified paper can. Thanks to an innovative packaging technology our shorty cans have the same shelf life as our glass bottles, without preservatives. What’s not to love?

150ml Cartocan flavours available

Passion Fruit & Peach

Strawberry Banana & Guava

Apple, Pear & Vanilla

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